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Introduction to the
Geneva Association of Private Schools

A long time ago, it was...

Geneva prides itself on a long tradition in the field of education. As early as 1536, on May 21 to be exact, the City Council issued a decree making public schooling obligatory. Some years later, in 1559, the Reformer Jean Calvin created the Academy, forerunner of today's Geneva University. The city's influence on education was further extended in the 16th century by one of its most illustrious sons, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who emphatically proclaimed his extremely progressive views on the subject. In the 20th century, the famous psychologist and pedagogue Jean Piaget played a major role in making Geneva one of the great spiritual and intellectual centers of the world.

44 schools

With its prestigious cultural background, Geneva is an important member of the Swiss Federation of Private Schools, with 44 schools from primary to university. These schools provide a high level of instruction by qualified experienced in the latest educational methods, and offer an international atmosphere fostering friendships that last a lifetime. The stability and security of Switzerland also create an ideal environment for serious study.

International schools

The private schools located in the Canton of Geneva are listed on the following pages. Their teaching languages are French, English, or Geman; some offer bilingual curricula.

Most of schools provide language studies. In addition to the Maturité Fédérale, students may prepare for French or German state exams, the International Baccalaureate and complete entrance requirements for English and American universities.

The large variety of courses offered in Geneva's private schools gives students the opportunity to follow a course of study best-suited to their personal requirements and future aspirations.

Sports and culture

Sports play an important part in most school programs and offer a healthy balance to study. Skiing holidays in the mountains are a popular part of the school program and cultural travel opportunities are also frequently offered.

Geneva enjoys a history of educational excellence and innovation which, together with its international orientation, offers an ideal setting for the academic and personal preparation of a student to live in today's world.

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